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Elevate Your Skills: Apply to Join Our Grant Funded Leading SAFe 6.0 Program.


Apply for a Training Grant


In support of those who have lost their jobs in the recent tech industry layoffs, we are offering 35 training grants

Grants are valued at $850.00 each and can be used to reduce the cost of the upcoming Leading SAFe 6.0 class


It's a class - just like all the others but...


It's like any other Leading SAFe class where we focus on learning how to become SAFe advocates and practitioners, except this is a class dedicated to people who are unemployed and are requesting a grant to be able to attend it. After you attend all class sessions, you will be eligible to take the Leading SAFe certification exam and become a certified SAFe Agilist.


Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be currently unemployed.

  2. Be willing and available to attend all training sessions (2 and 1/2 days) via Zoom remote conference.

  3. Be listed as “Open to Work” on your LinkedIn profile.

  4. Be able to pay $150.00 registration fee prior to start of class (applying for the grant is free)


Application and Registration process

We've allocated enough funds to a grant to help 35 unemployed people receive training that is highly valued and globally in-demand. Follow the process below to attend the class using the grant.

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements

  2. Complete the grant application

  3. Allow 2-3 business days for application verification

  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive a single use discount code to purchase your Leading SAFe 6.0 for $150. ($849.00 savings)


Apply Today 

Seats are going to go fast, so if you qualify, please make sure to submit your application today. 

For more information please send inquiries to