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Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Customers come from a range of profiles and sizes, across diverse industries and regulatory imperatives.

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Large Enterprises

Large technology and services enterprises can engage OIC in many ways.  Often a successful company has grown so quickly that critical operational processes and tools have not kept up with the company’s growth and scale, and often no longer meet the needs of the current business, much less the projected growth.  What enables a company to attain a certain stage of growth is rarely what’s needed for the next stage of scale.  OIC helps large enterprises assess their operational drivers in the context of their strategic plan to ensure actionable plans are in place to drive the changes needed to maximize operational velocity.  For most companies, this includes not only their internal operations, but often their technology and delivery partnerships, and their associated strategy and operations.

Mid to Late Stage Startups

Mid to Late-Stage start-ups find OIC services valuable when they know they are not set up operationally to scale, but do not have the internal expertise to make quick adjustments.  These engagements can be structured a one-time, short-term “project,” or can be provided as on-going expertise to ensure continuous progress.

OIC is also perfect as a “health check” to ensure they will look their best when going for a new round of funding or preparing for an IPO.  The sharable, independent assessment of the current state operations can speed the diligence process and increase the overall valuation.

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Venture Capital (VC) Firms

VC Firms engage OIC for a quick, independent analysis of the operational rigor of a potential investment. They want to understand key gaps that will prevent velocity and scale, to ensure maximum and rapid return on investment.   The possible synergies with other existing portfolio companies may also be in scope of the assessment.  If desired, the analysis can also provide a valuable comparison to the maturity of like-stage start-ups.

Private Equity (PE) Firms

Similar to VCs, PE firms want to understand the current state of operational rigor of a target investment.  Given most PE firms’ imperatives, we also look for opportunities to drive cost out of the current operational models of the target business.  As required, we also seek to identify and analyze impediments to the effective operational merging of companies (e.g. culture, toolsets,  business models).

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