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How We are Different

OIC takes pride in the fact that our strategic approach to helping our clients is demonstrably different from other consulting firms.  We want to drive transformation together WITH your team, not be seen to be doing things TO your team. 
Team members collaborating.


We drive rapid progress. 

Our team members have run P&Ls and operations for companies of all sizes, so we understand the operational and budget realities of running a business, and the complexities and challenges.  As such, we have seen, or made, many strategic and operational mistakes over the years and learned from them.  We are therefore able to drive extremely rapid progress – you will not be waiting for months for a report to come out telling you what needs to be fixed.  We quickly laser in on opportunities for improvement, working closely with your team to drive rapid and measurable progress.


We have been in your shoes. 

OIC’s leaders have held senior and executive roles in multiple start-ups and Fortune 50 companies, so the advice we bring is anything but theoretical.  We bring solutions that will work in your environment, and at your stage of organizational maturity.  We will establish credibility quickly with your team.

We take a holistic approach.

We take a holistic approach. 

Although we may be called in to address a specific problem, we find taking a holistic view that incorporates strategic direction, organizational design, and a view of the current-state portfolio yields the best results for driving operational velocity.  We highlight critical interdependencies, opportunities, and areas for streamlining, while also quickly addressing the original problem.

We have deep industry experience

We have deep industry expertise. 

We have experience in multiple technology sectors and industry verticals, including in highly regulated industries, service providers, and the public sector.  This expertise is especially useful when helping to define a go-forward strategic approach which accommodates a rapidly changing industry landscape.


We freely share IP. 

We freely share IP. 

Unlike most consultancies, we freely share our IP without additional charges.  If we have done what you are trying to do, whether process, methodology, or tools improvements, we will give it to you and help you customize it for your situation.  This is one of the reasons we make rapid progress, often in weeks not months.

We help you use your tools betterWe help you use your tools better. 

We understand the criticality of your operations toolset.  We have all worked for companies with  tools that are inefficient, costly, and frustrating for the team.  Your toolset strategy should not be an after thought; it is critical to operational velocity and employee engagement.  We can review your current state, and help you define an improvement strategy to ensure you have a streamlined workflow and access to the data you need to run your business.​